Why Brides should hire a Make up Artist


Why Ibiza Brides should hire a Makeup Artist

Congratulations on your engagement! Planning your Ibiza Wedding is so exciting; the most special day of your life is on the sun drenched horizon. With a mountain of neverending to-do lists and excitement mounting to a fever pitch, sometimes one of the most important parts of the day can be overlooked. An Ibiza Bride wants to look her very best walking down that aisle, which is why we strongly advise hiring a highly skilled professional Ibiza Makeup Artist!
We caught up with celebrity make up artist and island resident Katy Gill to find out why hiring an MUA is an essential part of your big day: 


‘‘I’m an international celebrity make-up artist and hairstylist, but my passion is Bridal beauty! I love nothing more than transforming a bride to be into a glowing goddess of dreams for her dream day. Here’s what I’ve learned through my vast experience of helping many happy brides achieve a flawless finish to fill them with confidence, and making them feel like the queen of the day…


No stress on the day! 

Let’s be honest, as much as your wedding is the most exciting and amazing day, the planning is not without it stresses. All the stress is obviously worth it; but why not give yourself one less thing to worry about?! Putting your make up into the hands of a professional not only alleviates the stress and pressure from you to get it right on the day, but it also allows you that time to relax and further alleviate any other anxieties whilst you’re pampered and preened to perfection, a blissful bridal morning knowing the skills of a professional will leave you looking and feeling a million dollars … aaaand relax! 


A Bridal Make-Up trial is as important as wedding dress shopping 


As any wedding blog will tell you, although you are bound to have a vision of your ideal wedding dress, you should still try on multiple styles. You never know what fit, cut, detailing and even color might take you by surprise and end up being the one to marry your one in. It is exactly the same with bridal makeup. Although you may know what suits you, how you feel most comfortable, or even have seen a look you wish to emulate, you don’t actually know what make-up style or even products are going to make you look and feel your best until you’ve tried them on! That’s why I always insist on a makeup trial, I ask my Brides to bring inspirational images of the look and feel they’d like to achieve, we then try a variety of styles and products and I also give my expert advice and we work together until we reach perfection. My Bride is then safe in the knowledge that her make-up will be exactly the same on her Ibiza Wedding day.
As an added extra I advise all my clients on a self-care regime to achieve their optimum goddess-like canvas with a 6-month bridal beauty countdown. 


A pamper party experience is the ultimate start to the best day of your life 


Treat yourself and your Bridal Party to a morning of luxury and laughs. Hiring a professional make-up artist for your Bride Squad could even be your thank you gift to them. Believe it or not, the morning of is genuinely one of the best parts of the day. How many nights out have you been on when the getting ready with the girls and a few pre-drinks in one of the most fun bits of the night out? Well, so many Brides have told me exactly that, this day is all about memory making and to have a pamper party with your favorite people is a really magical moment for the memory book.  


Wedding morning pictures are a gorgeous addition to your wedding album

I LOVE looking back at those images of this special part of the day. That transition from excited Bride to be to Balearic Bride. You can literally relive those moments, refeel those jitters and anticipation and they will be the last pictures of you before you become a married woman. Not only will having a professional do your makeup add to this magical morning experience, but the images will be picture perfect for you to cherish forever. 


Unite your party

You’ve picked your colours and your vibe but wouldn’t it give your Bridal party that extra element of wow if all your makeup looks tied in together as perfectly as your dresses do? Looking the best you can look is my number one priority for all clients, so I would never replicate exactly the same look on two different faces. What I love achieving for my Bridesmaid/Mother of the Bride clients is marrying the concepts whilst working with the unique features of each individual. I tie the party all in together whilst making each person feel their most fabulous self. 


You wouldn’t dream of doing your wedding hair yourself! 


Bridal makeup is as intricate, complicated, and important as Bridal Hair. This is the day which you want to look your absolute best. A professional knows not only what works best with your features, face shape and skin tone, but also what works best on camera. More importantly for my Ibiza Brides, I know what products work best in the heat! To cut down on added costs, I suggest hiring a professional who specializes in both Ibiza Bridal Hair and Makeup, like myself.


Invest in feeling your best 


We all know that weddings are expensive and corners may need to be cut here and there to make the budget stretch. For anyone worried about investing in a professional make-up artist we advise seeing it as an investment in yourself. You are the bride, this is your day! Where all eyes and cameras are on you for the entire day! Katy not only insists on a trial so that there is no fear in getting it wrong on the day. But also, she knows what products look best on camera and won’t run in the heat. She even gives you tips for future use so it’s an educational experience to boot… well worth the investment!’’

So there we have Katy’s insight into why Brides should hire a professional make up artist for their wedding day. 

Tap the link to book your make up trial with the incredible Katy Gill Ibiza Hair and Make up Artist: https://www.katygillibiza.com/