Wedding à la française in Ibiza


Once upon a time I was contacted by an incredibly fun wedding organizer named Muriel. We had a short conversation on Skype, during which we laughed a lot. We immediately had a great connection.

Muriel’s destination wedding planning company works around the world, including New York, Paris, Ibiza, and beyond.She offered my wedding photography service to the beautiful French couple, Maya and Philip. At the time the pair was organizing their wedding to be had on a hidden beach near Cala Comte, Ibiza.

The wedding was amazing! After a beautiful ceremony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea we went to a gorgeous private villa, situated just five minutes from the beach.

In the villa I had a chance to shoot some details, such as the rings and the dresses (Maya changed her dresses twice – one white and one black one – I loved it!!!!). I even had time for a private photo session with the couple! Maya looked like a professional supermodel – beautiful, tall, stylish, and with perfect make-up and long hair.

Everything about this wedding was perfect and it was my pleasure to photograph this great couple. Maya was a wonderfully fashionable bride and Philip looked like he came from a classy French movie.Their family (adorable sons and a little princess-daughter) and guests all dressed in white during the ceremony. They looked exceptionally elegant during the reception and dinner.Muriel did a great job – everything went so smooth! The weather threatened rain (which is rare for September in Ibiza), but the sky ended up fantastic. The sunlight diffused with some dramatic clouds, which is every photographer’s dream!

I organized a mini-photo shoot during the cocktail hour, using a portable flash. I wanted to show the majestic drama of Ibiza clouds and a red sunset in the background. We caught some beautiful portraits of the party.

I hope Muriel will come again soon to the island, and that I can photograph another of her magical Ibiza weddings.What a fun wedding! All my blessings and to Maya and Philip and their beautiful family!

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