San Lorenzo dream wedding


Nestled in the serene beauty of Ibiza, amidst the picturesque charm of Las Lorenzo, a love story unfolded, as two souls embarked on their journey together. The historic San Lorenzo church bore witness to a union that transcended borders, cultures, and languages.

Under the azure sky of Ibiza, the wedding, flawlessly orchestrated by the talented hands of Ibiza wedding planner Edyta from Bliss Ibiza Weddings, unfolded like a dream. Every detail is meticulously planned, every moment seamlessly woven into the tapestry of memories.

On one side of the aisle stood the bride, radiant in a gown crafted with love and care by a local designer, a true reflection of Ibiza’s artistic spirit. Her steps were adorned by shoes that whispered tales of elegance and grace.

Across from her, the groom’s Spanish heritage intertwined with the vibrant energy of the American contingent, symbolizing the coming together of two worlds in perfect harmony.

Following the ceremony, the wedding celebration continued at La Paloma restaurant, where the scent of Mediterranean cuisine mingled with the joyous melodies of laughter and merriment. Against the backdrop of Ibiza’s rustic charm, friends and family rejoiced, toasting to the happiness of the newlyweds.

It was a day where love knew no boundaries, where cultures merged effortlessly, and where every moment was a testament to the beauty of union. And behind it all, the mastermind Edyta, whose meticulous planning ensured that every detail was nothing short of perfection.

Wedding planner: Edyta Bliss Weddings Ibiza

Flowers : Florando Ando

Venue: La Paloma 

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