Pura Vida welcomes New Yorkers


I am always very happy to meet people from around the world, but Americans really have a special place in my heart ( I lived in Los Angeles for 7 years and started there my wedding photography carrer).

This beautiful wedding was planned by Ma Cheri. We started the day with Bride-is-getting-ready photos at the Palladium Hotel. Misty, the most beautiful bride, was wearing Tadashi Soji Dress.

Then we all drove to Pura Vida, and after the short photo shoot, the couple had the most breathtaking and emotional ceremony at the beach. Guests were crying and laughing, together with the handsome groom Josh.

The table set up at Pura Vida was very elegant, with lavender and greens.

The couple came all the way from New York to get married in Ibiza, and the celebration was perfect! Like all New Yorkers, the couple and the guests were stylish, sophisticated and fun people))