Ibiza Welcomes New York!


Ibiza Welcomes New York!

An unforgettably stylish wedding! Krystle and Aaron from New York teamed up with Cardamom Event Planner Ibiza to create a fantastic modern fairy-tale. Their minimalist approach transformed a private Ibiza villa with dashingly eloquent ambiance and created a delightful event.

The fabulous bride Krystle had a mesmerizing white dress that fit her like a glove.  She looked like a million bucks in her Romona Keveza wedding dress!

The sea view was complimented with a large array of flowers that were handed out to everyone. Emotions and feelings flowed as each attendee picked up flowers and candles labeled especially for them. They then carried the items to their designated seats where they enjoyed an impeccable 7-course meal.

Then came dessert: The cake was crafted with such detail as to turn it into a work of art, and wow, how daring and successful they were to have a dark chocolate cake!

Everything about the wedding was crafted with care and detail. Such an artful and thoughtful approach made for an unforgettable experience. I am proud to have had the opportunity to photograph this intimately magic wedding!

Bravo, Cardamom! All my love to you, Krystle and Aaron!