La Escollera – One of my favorite Ibiza wedding venues


I fell in love with La Escollera as a wedding venue the very first time I was booked to shoot a wedding there in 2013. Now, after 7 years of working there as a wedding photographer, it remains one of my favorite venues on Ibiza.

Before working there I’d visited for Sunday lunches, and as anyone who has been to the restaurant before will know, it has an impressive menu, service, and the location is unbeatable.

The journey into La Escollera sets the tone and beauty for what’s to come, gliding down the long, quiet road alongside the famous Ibizan salt flats. On arrival you are greeted with an elegant restaurant sat on the edge of a cliff, at the end of a long white sandy beach and a panoramic sea view.

Sounds pretty perfect doesn’t it? .. And I haven’t even mentioned the food yet! Their menu is based on traditional Spanish and Ibicencan food using lots of local produce, but also contains plenty of modern twists and international inspirations and dishes too.

La Escollera is simply beautiful on a normal day, but to see it when it has been transformed into a wedding venue, complete with a ceremony area, florals and décor, mood lighting, music and table settings – is utterly breathtaking!

The ceremony area is a private and romantic space on the edge of a low cliff, with panoramic sea views and space to seat up to 100 guests. It is a unique location and one of the only venues on Ibiza where you can have your ceremony right by the water.

The team there is a strong unit and I always feel so supported by them when I am there. They work hard, they’re organized, always smiling, and they care about the small details which really make the difference on a couples wedding day. They are invaluable.

And it should go without saying as their normal menu is so brilliant, that their wedding day menus are super tasty and well thought out, always giving couples amazing options to choose from. And – their Mojitos are the best on the island!

Another very important fact that makes La Escollera one of my favorite wedding venues is that they can play music until 4 am! I don’t think that there’s any other venue on Ibiza where you can dance under the stars all night.

It really is a fairy-tale wedding venue.

Co-written by Danielle Alex from Your Day Ibiza



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