Ibiza wedding venue- Pura Vida


Ibiza wedding venue – Pura Vida

My favorite Ibiza wedding venues

I have been working for six years as a wedding photographer in Ibiza and I have gotten to know almost every wedding venue on the island. Now, I want to share my knowledge with you!

Pura Vida

Ma Cherie was one of the first wedding planners I worked with when I arrived to Ibiza. I absolutely love them. They are a highly professional team with lots of local knowledge. Alexandra, their director, helps her wedding couples sort everything and chose from a list of their highly professional vendors.

Alexandra not only does wedding planning. Her company also owns Pura Vida Beach restaurant, a delightful hidden beach club in Santa Eulalia. Their food is delicious and their restaurant is right on the beach, including comfy beach-lounging beds perfect for couples or families.

It’s a place you can come with the kids and spend a whole day, starting with fresh coffee, then an amazing lunch overlooking the sea, and finishing with a delicious dessert and champagne….

Now, after years of working with Ma Cherie, I have photographed over 20 joyful weddings at Pura Vida! The restaurant converts into a sophisticated wedding venue, with elegant flowers and decorations, with beautiful lights and a live DJ… If you like, you can even get married with your feet in the sand – right on the beach!

After the ceremony I usually take couples to have a private shoot on a little cliff just off to the side of the cove. It’s a beautiful location for photography (and only a short walk from the restaurant) that has a mini pine forest and stunning views of the sea…

I would recommend Pura Vida as a wedding venue for couples who might like a “True beach” wedding ceremony and also want a taste of the Ibiza spirit. It is a relaxed and private atmosphere with friendly staff, fantastic food, and professional service. Everyone on the Pura Vida team is so helpful and enthusiastic!

I hope to continue to work with this amazing venue, and capture more joyful moments and happy couples!

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