Free & Wild in Ibiza


Ibiza is the place where different cultures and nationalities come together as one. One of the very few places on earth that truly represents the future.

When we created this shoot, we wanted to show how easy and effortless this symbiosis of times and cultures can be.

Same as our bride who represents a true symbiosis – a new generation of people mixed both in race and cultures.

And same like our beautiful island changing its habitants and cultures for centuries – from Phoenicians to Romans, each leaving a print on it’s look.

During ancient times the people of Ibiza worshipped Tanit – the goddess and protector of the women of Ibiza. Still these days she has deep spiritual meaning for the locals.

It is believed for centuries that Tanit gave the women of Ibiza special powers to achieve anything and everything, the power to make the life choice.

Our heroine is a strong, independent, classy, and sophisticated woman yet curious and mischievous with her spirit wild and free like the wild dogs of Ibiza – Podenco Ibizenco.

We chose Podencos to participate in this shoot because these beautiful magnificent and gracious creatures truly represent the free spirit of the island. Originated from Egypt, they have Pharaon dogs as their ancestors, but found their new home here.

Like our heroine, who loves to travel and feels home wherever she is.

She is the leader of her own life. It is her life, her rules, her choices.

And so she carefully chooses everything: from her way of life to the way she dresses.

For her wardrobe, we chose a sleek stylish look, and beautiful elegant dresses by the Barcelona designer Yolan Cris that fit perfectly to the look we wanted to achieve.

Oversized floppy straw hat brings the touch of the French Riviera to the first look.

Elegant and sophisticated with a touch of sexy carelessness – this style really reminds us of Brigit Bardot.

For the second look we used the gorgeous semi-transparent dress that is sexy and revealing but still classy and modest enough.

A perfect look for a cocktail party or just a night out.

Our heroine is truly stylish, and for us being stylish is not just about looks – it is about the lifestyle, the way how you treat nature and others with love and respect.

We believe that the new people of the world love, appreciate and connect with nature in every aspect.

Like us, when we chose Ibiza, we decided to make everything possible to love and protect our island, its nature and environment.

This is why our shoot takes place in the idyllic Ibiza countryside – the place that just recently coming into the light of the attention of people visiting it. Before Ibiza was about parties, but now more and more people realize how important is the beauty of nature and its high ecological value.

The best of Ibiza nature came together as the background of this beautiful shoot – an idyllic landscape in bloom.

The cloud of romantic flower blossom with yellow and peach pastel shades, soft light and the arrival of spring, that really represents the comeback of the happy times for many, the comeback we are all eagerly waiting for.

This is a very special time when almond blossom meets the mimosa blossom – a perfect combination of colours,  enhancing each other in our flower styling.

Beauty, purity, style and nature came together in this magical inspirational shoot dedicated to our love of our beautiful island of Ibiza and deep connection with its roots.


To be modern and sophisticated but have a consious mind at the same time. To remember that freedom, time and connection with the nature is the new luxury.

A luxury to escape… Escape into the Land of Wild and Free…

Thank you

Planning: Eco Gecko Ibiza

Furniture and Rentals: Velvet Circus Ibiza

Dress: Yolan Cris


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